Ten Easy Tips to Get You Back on Track

By Anne Johnson MS, LMFT

1. Turn off Cruise Control

We can all admit that we get stuck on auto pilot. This is an incredible evolutionary gift that allows us to multi-task, however often it can become our status quo and we forget to stay present. Taking time for a few mindful breaths can be the best medicine. Take a deep breath and notice how different your body feels afterward. It is a way to release toxins, release tension, and on a cellular level let your body know “I am OK.”

2. Bridge the Gap

Connection and relationships are why we are here. Staying connected with our loved ones keeps us anchored to our true selves. When we feel loved, accepted, and a part of a community we get a strong sense of belonging. So call a friend, join a book club, or make a family night. The key here is making it a part of your regular routine. Make time for the people you care about and maintain the health of your relationships.

3. Get Goofy

If you’ve ever seen a child dancing footloose and fancy free you can see why this can be a key to bringing in the joy. We need to relax. Take a tip from Frozen and Let it go!! Whatever your taste may be… have a solo dance party while you get ready for work, play the drums, paint, sing in the shower, or do a cannon ball into the pool. Let your inner child rejuvenate you.

4. Sweat It Out

Move your body and get in the zone. This is a great way to process and release any lingering anxiety, stress, or anger. We get a natural buzz from endorphins and feel better about ourselves. No one says “Thank goodness I skipped the gym today.” We tend to sit in regret about being lazy. Doing something that turns your thinking mind off and gets you in the moment. It doesn’t have to be the gym, do something that you enjoy and improve your mind and body connection.

5. Channel Your Inner Cub Scout

Act responsibly. The more our actions align with our core values the better we can sleep at night. When we give back or do a good deed our self esteem improves and we walk a little taller.

6. Peace Out

Feed your spirit and increase your overall sense of peace. Whether you are religious or spiritual… CONNECT with your higher power. Make time to recharge your batteries and remind yourself that you are loved and connected. It’s a great way to evoke more kindness and forgiveness in our lives and ultimately improves our quality of life.

7. Plug-in 2 Nature

Get outside and admire a starry night. Find the beauty in a sunset, a beautiful tree or flower. This is a great way to break away from the email, cell phone, and TV. Find some peace by a little stream or sit on a rock and listen to the birds. Get your Ohm on!

8. Get Rid Of It

Decluttering is an easy and quick way to simplify your life. You don’t want your belongings owning you. Revisit things in your home and life and see if they serve a purpose and improve your quality of life. Getting rid of junk that has taken hold of those random drawers or corners in your closet can free space in your mind. Minimize your things and maximize your experiences!

9. Change Your Lenses

Start shifting your focus to the things that you DO have rather than you don’t. Or things going right in your life over focusing on what’s going wrong. You’d be surprised how much a daily gratitude list can impact your life for the positive. If your view of the world isn’t working change your seat to gratitude section!

10. Treat Yo’ Self

Spoiling yourself is the best way to make sure you are the best spouse, employee, boss, parent or family member. No one knows what you need better than you, whether it’s a day to sleep in, a quiet night at home, a massage, a bubble bath, your favorite Pj’s, or a night off from cooking. You are a well calibrated machine that needs maintenance, so make time to take care of you. This is critical to your mental and physical health.

These tips may seem obvious or cliche but they work, and sometimes we just need a little reminder to get us back to doing the things that make us feel better and enjoy life to its fullest.

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