Myths and Truths About Therapy

By Stephanie Doran, APCC

Myth: Therapy solves all my problems


The client has control on whether or not they want to choose to build coping strategies to help manage their life stressors and emotions or if they want to have them continue to hang on to them each and every day. I don’t know about you guys but I would definitely like to seek help to feel relief instead of carrying continuous stress on me everyday.

Counseling is a safe place where a person can go to talk freely about their problems and they might even gain some insight on what causes them to do certain things within an instant. When people start counseling they may feel like they are a new person even after just a few sessions. This usually happens because there tends to be immediate relief by letting out everything that they have been holding on to for so long. This feeling leads people to think they turned over a new leaf allowing them to feel ready to leave counseling. However, even though it may feel great it does not mean that all your problems are gone in an instant.

The first few sessions might feel great, but the story is just beginning. First, you will learn to build some coping strategies that one can use to feel less anxious, upset, overwhelmed, etc. Then the true counseling magic starts to happen once the therapeutic rapport has been developed between client and therapist much like how you create friendships in life. However, the major difference between client and therapist relationship is that the bond stays in the counseling office and it is a place for the client to feel comfortable discussing their presenting concerns. It is not a place for the therapist to seek advise from their client, but to help the client feel supported to be able to accomplish their goals for themselves.

The counseling session allows space for the client to reflect on what causes them to behave or act a certain way. The therapist will use different strategies and rephrasing to allow the client to gain insight on their presenting problems. Some discoveries that are unhidden may be things that surprise the client. However, once the individual starts to understand one self a little bit better then they can refresh their life in a more positive manner.


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