Can I really get that much out of having individual therapy?

Individual therapy can help someone think about one’s own personal experiences without feeling judged or ashamed. It is a place where someone can go to build coping strategies for themselves or to get the guidance on how they can achieve their goals in life.  

  Individualized sessions can also help increase someone’s self esteem and their self-resilience. Somebody might just want to talk to someone who has a neutral perspective on things from time to time, bi-weekly or even weekly depending on the individual’s needs.  Another person may want a friendly and safe environment to have time to self reflect on what causes them to feel or do certain things. 

  It is a common belief that something needs to be wrong with you in order for you to seek guidance from a therapist. However, this is not true at all!!! Do not let the negative stigma regarding the therapeutic treatment trick you in thinking that you may be crazy if you want to see a therapist. It is hard to not let the societal beliefs impact your decision to want to get help from a therapist.  I totally get that! Going against the social norm can be challenging and talking to someone that you do not know may sound completely bizarre, however speaking to someone that you do not know can also have amazing benefits to it. I want you to try to imagine how freeing this experience may be for someone that may feel like they need to hold it all together for their family and friends. I want you to imagine how powerful one can feel after getting out anything that has been weighing on you for as long as you can remember.

Honestly, everyone can benefit from individualized therapy sessions by being able to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment.  People come in for treatment for varying reasons and concerns. Some may seem trivial, but there is no specific reason why someone should seek therapy. One can bring up an abundant amount of concerns that are interpersonal or relational.  Some common concerns that are discussed in therapy are depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions, relationships, frustration, work, stress, family issues etc. There is also no time limit on therapy and the client sets his or her own goals for themselves. The client has “control” when it comes to therapy and the therapist is just the “screen” to listen and help guide you to reach your goals. Therapy is the key to a healthy successful life! Find out how in just 5 reasons: 

5 reasons on why individual therapy is the choice for you:

1) Self-Care for yourself to be able to freely talk about anything on your mind 

  1. One hour of being able to find out things that you may have not thought about or knew about yourself 

3) Meeting someone that can have a neutral aspect on things that are brought up 

  1. Having the power to be in control of the conversation 
  1. Understanding yourself a little bit more and being able to build some coping strategies to help you feel better 


By: Stephanie Doran APCC 4976

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