Anxiety In Teenagers

David Needleman, ACSW

Anxiety can be difficult for anyone to endure. Anxiety is a feeling that can come at any time and place, even if you are in a stress-free environment. Now imagine being a teenager dealing with anxiety while going through constant changes and struggles that come with adolescence. As you could imagine, this could be extremely challenging and a whirlwind of emotions for those teens who are experiencing anxiety.

There are numerous symptoms associated with teen anxiety, such as negative thoughts, feelings, and physical problems. Examples of negative thoughts can include constantly thinking about the worst-case scenario, thoughts about being embarrassed or judged, and excessive worrying. Examples of negative feelings can include feeling fearful, overwhelmed, worried, dreadful, panic, and depersonalization (feeling separated from your surroundings and yourself). Examples of physical symptoms for teen anxiety are heart racing, muscle tension, chest tightness, butterflies, anger, sadness (crying). Other additional symptoms of anxiety in teens include nail biting, avoidance of difficult situations or people, pulling out hair, and skin picking.

Although the symptoms associated with teen anxiety might seem daunting, there are numerous effective ways to help manage your anxiety. One method to help effectively manage anxiety is to utilize mindfulness (examples include yoga, meditation, and stretching exercises). Other simple yet beneficial ways to help teens manage anxiety include exercise, healthy diet and nutrition, and deep breathing.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that anxiety is just an event or unwanted feeling that happens and it does not define you. Everyone is capable of overcoming anxiety, regardless of the severity. With positive thinking, utilizing effective methods to manage anxiety, and a little motivation, anxiety can be diminished or even eliminated. Lastly, a piece of advice, never give up and don’t let anxiety win. You can overcome anything you put your mind to. 

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