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(Video) Clear Mind Treatment’s Program for Depression)

Major depression is a serious mental illness with significant social and personal consequences. An estimated 16 million adults in the United State experience major depressive disorder each year, with about one-third of those cases being classified as major depression or clinical depression.


Clear Mind Treatment is a 45-90 day program specialized in treatment resistant depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD using traditional psychotherapy and cutting edge technologies, like Ketamine, TMS, EMDR. We are a big fan of neuroplasticity and meditation and believe that when you can change your thought and feeling patterns, you can change your life. We take most PPO insurance, like Cigna, United Health, Aetna, MHN, medicare, and AHCCES in Arizona. Give us a call anytime 310-571-5957 www.clearmindtreatment.com


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