A New Way to Manage Chronic Pain: Studies Have Shown That Ketamine Therapy Combined With Psychotherapy and SSRIs Is An Effective Alternative To Treat Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is an extremely common health problem around the globe and in the United States. Chronic pain is commonly defined as pain that lasts beyond 3 months and extends past normal tissue healing time. Chronic pain affects millions of Americans with epidemiological studies estimating the prevalence of pain between 18% and 34.5% or up to 100 million people.

It is not surprising that we all want to feel better and would go to great lengths to alleviate physical pain. The sad thing is that there are instances where even modern medicine fails us. You see, many traditional treatments will help you with the pain in the short run only. But in fact, they may make your recovery in long run more difficult because of eventual decrease in their effect, possible dependency, and even worse, addiction. And no doubt people with chronic pain face depression more than the general population.

Combination therapy

For people who suffer from chronic pain, the choices of relief are limited and may not work for everyone. However studies have shown that ketamine therapy is effective in treating chronic pain, as described in a 2021 study Ketamine for the Treatment of Chronic Pain: A Comprehensive Review and another study Ketamine for the Treatment of Chronic Pain: A Comprehensive Review.

What’s even more promising is combining ketamine with psychotherapy and SSRIs makes chronic pain relief even more effective. People who use ketamine for chronic treatment experience fewer side effects than those taking opioids.

In short, chronic pain such as back pain, fibromyalgia, physical trauma, etc can be treated effectively in combination with ketamine, psychotherapy, and SSRIs in the proper setting.

Ketamine is a medicine that can help treat chronic pain

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic and works by blocking NMDA receptors in the brain, which are responsible for transmitting signals between nerve cells during memory formation and learning processes like neuroplasticity (see video)–meaning that this medication has been shown to have pain relief and antidepressant effects when used correctly.

Ketamine can be used as an alternative to traditional therapies like opioids, which can cause addiction and other health problems

Ketamine is a drug that can be used to treat chronic pain. It’s not addictive and doesn’t cause the same side effects as traditional therapies like opioids, which can lead to addiction and other health problems.

  • Ketamine can be an effective alternative for those who are struggling or want to avoid opioid addiction or have other health issues that make them unable to take traditional medications.
  • Patients may notice their symptoms begin to improve within a few days of treatment, but it may take several weeks before they feel significantly better.

People who use ketamine for treatment experience fewer side effects than those taking opioids

It’s not addictive and has fewer side effects than opioids do. It can also be used with other pain medications like gabapentin or tramadol. And as stated above, it can can be especially effective for pain relief in conjunction with psychotherapy and some traditional medications such as SSRIs.

How does the combination treatment work?

Ketamine works by blocking a receptor in the brain, which is responsible for sending pain signals to the body. The drug has to be ordered by a medical provider and can be administered through an IV, nasal spray, or oral lozenge.

Psychotherapy for chronic pain primarily targets improvements in physical, emotional, social, and occupational functioning rather than focusing on resolution of pain itself.

It’s important to note that ketamine and psychotherapy does not cure chronic pain–it simply makes it more manageable so you can get back on track with daily activities like working out at the gym or taking care of kids at home without feeling too much pain during those activities.

Where is combination ketamine therapy and psychotherapy available?

Combination psychotherapy and ketamine therapy for chronic pain is still a relatively new but safe treatment, and not available everywhere. If you’re interested in combination therapy as an alternative to other pain management strategies, it’s important to do your research before making any decisions about where you want to go for treatment. While some clinics offer this service, others do not yet have the required licensing, understanding training, or accreditation needed for offering ketamine as part of their practice.

Also note that while insurance companies may cover some types of ketamine treatments under certain circumstances (such as when they’re administered in conjunction with another course of treatment), they are not currently required by law to provide coverage for these products–and even if they do pay out part or all of what was spent on medications used during the procedure itself, there may still be additional fees associated with your treatment like copays or deductibles. 

Clear Mind Treatment offers such therapy that is covered by insurance. You can submit your insurance card here and see what benefits your insurance offers.

What can I expect from my combination ketamine treatment program?

Combination ketamine therapy involves 3 days or more a week appts, which includes ketamine and psychotherapy, with your healthcare provider over several weeks or months depending on how long you’ve had your neuropathic chronic pain condition and how much improvement they want to see before they recommend stopping treatment altogether or continuing indefinitely with lower frequency every few weeks until symptoms subside completely. That is usually within 2-3 months after starting therapy sessions including using self-administered nasal sprays lozenges two days week during and once a week psychotherapy during this initial period when symptoms are most likely still present. 

However we always advise patients not stop taking any medications prescribed by their doctor without consulting them first because there may be interactions between various medications such as antidepressants which could result in serious side effects including death if taken together after being stopped abruptly


It’s clear that ketamine therapy combined with psychotherapy and SSRIs has been shown to be an alternative and effective way to treat for chronic pain management. Some clinics do offer these services combined and may be your avenue for long term pain relief.

If you have any questions about ketamine for chronic pain or any other treatments we offer at Clear Mind Treatment, check out our website or call/email us anytime. 

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Disclaimer: Clear Mind Treatment and its affiliates are not a pain clinic and do not prescribe opioids for pain management. We may be able to help people have a better relationship with their pain to decrease symptoms. If you have severe pain, please see a pain management physician or go to the ER.

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