5 Sneaky Signs of Anxiety In Life And What To Do About Them

Call it a short fuse or just an awful day. Maybe it’s stress surrounding the

pandemic or a personal conflict this holiday season that has you feeling more ‘on-edge’ these days. Whatever the reason, it seems like stress continues to come over you in waves causing a ripple effect of other emotions that are taking a toll on your emotional health.

You don’t understand why you’re feeling this way.

You’d like the unexplained anger to surpass.

Please know that you’re not alone.

An estimated 40 million people in the U.S. alone are affected by Anxiety. Many go untreated which is a shame because anxiety is highly treatable. There are a variety of successful treatment methods that can help people find relief. Now, as we continue to live amid a global pandemic, more and more people are affected by anxiety and its’ crippling side effects.

Anxiety is a bit of a sneaky disorder. It can present itself in many different ways and bring you down. Anxiety isn’t always about panic attacks and shortness of breath. Sometimes people don’t even know that it’s anxiety causing them to feel the way they do. Lately, we’ve seen an increased number of teenagers struggling with sneaky signs of anxiety. Here are a few things to look out for as potential signs of anxiety…

Increased Irritability

People who suffer from anxiety might find themselves getting easily frustrated. The added pressures of the current pandemic don’t help! Sometimes, this anger results in negative self-talk. Other times, you might find yourself snapping at those you love…your kids…your spouse….your friends more than usual.

Unfortunately, untreated anxiety can turn into anger. Tuning into the way you feel is important, but it’s not always easy to pinpoint your underlying fears that might be causing anger. Since anxiety is complex and frustrating, it’s important to get a clinical evaluation to help you find relief.

Lack of Focus

Are you always busy yet you can’t seem to get anything done?  Do you find yourself daydreaming more and losing focus on daily tasks? Anxiety can really zap your focus and creativity. Racing thoughts and “what-if” scenarios can highjack your productivity.

If you find yourself losing focus and interest each day then it’s time to be evaluated. Anxious thoughts can be powerful, disruptive, and sometimes intrusive. Treating your anxiety can help clear your focus, increase your motivation, and improve your zest for life.

Sleep Troubles

Another sneaky sign of anxiety is unhealthy sleep patterns. Whether you find yourself wide awake at 3 AM or asleep by 6:30 PM, anxiety can impact healthy sleep habits. It can leave people feeling constantly overwhelmed, worried, and nervous…bedtime is no exception!

Unhealthy sleep patterns can take a toll on your mental and physical health. When you’re not getting the amount of sleep you need, you aren’t giving your body the restorative sleep it needs.


Anxiety is downright exhausting! The signs and symptoms of Anxiety Disorders can leave you feeling drained day after day. Many people with anxiety feel sluggish, tired, and worn out. Although some temporary anxiousness can be considered “normal” in life, some types of anxiety can really get between you and living your best life. Continual racing thoughts and looming ‘worst-case’ scenarios can bring even the best people down.


This one is an ultra sneaky sign of anxiety. Did you know that indecisiveness can be a result of increased anxiety? If you find yourself wallowing in the stress of decision-making, then it might be time for a professional evaluation. It’s really hard to make a decision when you are plagued by anxiety. Sometimes, stressful decisions push people into a panic attack because of all of the inner chaos.

Find Relief of Anxiety at Clear Mind Treatment

Understanding whether or not a person has an anxiety disorder can make a world of a difference in getting the needed help or not. It all starts with an appointment. A professional evaluation from our team will help you understand more about your symptoms and treatment options.

At Clear Mind Treatment, we offer holistic therapies for healing. We can help you find a clear path to mental wellness so you can find relief from your symptoms. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Move forward into 2021 with renewed strength and hope. We can help!

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