Telemedicine, Corona Virus and Keeping a Healthy Mind

Telemedicine, Corona Virus and Keeping a Healthy Mind

In the light of today’s rapidly changing coronavirus situation, practitioners can expect to see fewer clients visiting their offices as the public follows guidelines on social distancing. This is still a time of great uncertainty and anxiousness for people who are concerned about their physical health and that of their loved ones. As groups separate from each other and self-quarantine, the need for mental health resources is higher than ever.

We have got you covered! Clear Mind Treatment have been facilitating care through video and phone calls since 2015, and its potential benefits for behavioral and mental health care. It might seem like a consideration still years into the future, but for the patients who have to stay at home and need to reach a specialist today, it’s a viable avenue for them to receive face-to-face communication.

We know that most of us prefer to be at home with our loved ones, but we also understand that all medical treatment must continue if we want to come out brighter at the other end of these unprecedented and extremely stressful times.

Coronavirus response has motivated the United States government to allow more opportunities to seek and administer telehealth care throughout the nation. Earlier in March, Congressional leaders submitted an emergency spending bill, which now have been approved, that extends telehealth services to more populations in need, particularly seniors. Medicare reimbursement is available for providers using telehealth services to see the home-bound elderly. At this time, Clear Mind Treatment accepts most PPO insurances.

We use HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform, Zoom.

We have many different treatment options for depression, anxiety, stress and other mood disorders. We also utilize TMS and Ketamine as part of our treatment protocol. Rest assured, if you need to come into our office, we practice very strict COVID-19 virus hygiene protocols and rules! We keep you safe and happy!

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